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Greyt Fibre

Plans & Prices

We are rolling out fibre in the whole of Greyton at the best price! Register below!

* All of our packages are Uncapped, Unshaped, Unthrottled and have no FUP (Fair Usage Policy) or AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)!

Existing wireless clients will be migrated FREE of charge and all new clients wanting to onboard within the “Pre-Sign-Up” phase will qualify for a FREE Installation.

15 Mbps


15Mbps Download

15Mbps Upload

R299 / month

20 Mbps


20Mbps Download

20Mbps Upload

R399 / month

30 Mbps


30Mbps Download

30Mbps Upload

R499 / month

50 Mbps


50Mbps Download

50Mbps Upload

R799 / month

100 Mbps


100Mbps Download

100Mbps Upload

R899 / month

200 Mbps


200Mbps Download

200Mbps Upload

R1,099 / month

Register for Greyt Fibre

Register for Greyt Fibre

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