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Social Media Marketing

Online Presence

Businesses across the globe use social media marketing to connect with their audience, increase brand awareness, generate leads, and provide timely customer support.

With billions of people active on the social internet, the impact social media marketing can have on the business landscape is significant. Here’s a complete overview of social media marketing and how it can help elevate your brand.

Defining social media marketing 

A post on company Facebook Page, an ad campaign on Twitter, a product promo on Instagram—all of these fall under the umbrella term ‘social media marketing’. In it’s essence, social media marketing is any effort taken to reach audiences through a social medium—with an aim to strengthen branding. 

Why do you need it?

No two marketing goals are exactly the same. You may want to engage more with followers, or maybe just use social media as an ad space—it boils down to your specific goals. Similarly, what works for you on social media is your specific cup of tea, steeped in your brand’s unique vision and capabilities.

If your marketing plan involves activities like outreach, engaging people, or active brand listening—all of which play to the strengths of social media networks—it makes sense for your business to have a social media marketing strategy in place.

Account Setup

Setup of Social Media Accounts

Posting On All Platforms

4-12 Posts per month

Content Creation

Copy writing & High Quality Images


Monthly Statistic Report

Social Media Accounts

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • Google Business

Quality Content

Most people can post to social media in one way or another. But when it comes to delivering quality content, that’s where many fall down.

There is so much online waffle and duplicated waffle that to make your company stand out is harder than ever.

Fortunately, the quality of this waffle is low, so although there
is a lot of noise to break through, the level is not high.

If you’re not getting engagement in terms of Comments, Shares or Likes then it’s likely your content is of low quality and you are not investing a bit of time engaging with others yourself.


Elevate your Social Profile

Step 1. Create marketing goals that align to business objectives

Step 2. Create audience personas & gathering data.

Step 3. Know your competition, Conduct a competitive analysis

Step 4. Do a social media audit

Step 6. Quality Content

Step 5. Set up accounts and improve profiles

Step 7. Create a social media content calendar

Step 8. Evaluate and adjust your strategy

Getting Onboard

This is the timeline we came up with. There’s a lot to each of these elements and there’s a lot that’s not mentioned.


The golden rule of social media is test and measure.
If it turns out that something unexpected happens that is producing
better than expected results, it would be crazy not to milk it. 


DAYS 1-3

This doesn’t take long to get moving.
Once you have signed our proposal and paid the monthly
retainer payment we will arrange our first call or Zoom meeting.

DAYS 4-7

– Write initial posts and send to you for approval.
– Plan the start date for our structured social media month.
– Post the first content on the social media pages of your choice for you.

End of the Month

Review post results of the month.
Repeat what works, cut what doesn’t.


The following services will be provided:

  • Copy writer to write text for each post.

  • Source High Resolution Images / Videos.

  • Store All Post Text & Images on Cloud Storage for Reviewing.

  • Three to five Scheduled Posts on Social Media per week.

  • Research Target Market & Analyse Post Results.

  • ZOHO Social Media Account or Google Drive Cloud Storage

What you get

  • A 40-minute monthly strategy session (in person/video call) with us to review the last month and to plan the next month
  • A concept for a social media campaign
  • Example posts written, designed & mocked up for your approval
  • An online proposal for next month’s posts content for your approval
  • The approved posts are then scheduled to be on your chosen platforms.
  • Plus, a WhatsApp message from us to check we’re on track.

In that monthly planning call, we will discuss points such as:

  • Review the previous month
  • The target audience
  • What is happening in your business during the next month
  • What new areas can we promote?
  • Nail down objectives and highlights
  • Plan the next month’s special offer and talking points

Estimate Costs

Monthly Social Media Management
Writing, Designing & Scheduling posts
Analyzing & Reporting

R3000 – R6000 /month

We’re a little different from the others

We don’t operate on big, ‘one-off’ payments; you pay monthly.
This keeps things simple for the entire duration of the deal and makes balancing your finances easy.

But, we need your belief

We have a minimum term of 3 months on all our agreements.

The reason is simple: we need your commitment for that length of time to achieve the kind of results we are both setting out to achieve.

Giving you the ability to cancel at any time means you’re not thinking long-term and as you know, that isn’t the kind of thinking that produces epic results. 



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